I have a lot compassion towards true moderate Muslims. I expect that they, as a whole, will be painted with a brush of resentment even hatred as they will be collectively blamed for the terrorist activities in Canada of October 2014.

I think about people like the prolific Muslim scholar Shabir Ally who has a TV program called The Quran Speaks out of Toronto who has dedicated his life to interpreting the Koran, so that it makes contemporary sense. He is actually brilliant in this task but he must be a very frustrated and tired man. The Quran, Islam's holy book and the Hadith (secondary but highly respected and applied teaching ) are loaded with archaic medieval practices filled with outrageous violence. It takes a keen mind and a brilliant imagination to spin these writings into anything that would inspire one to live in peace and harmony in a modern world. 

I actually admire some of Canadian Islamic teachers who have come out to unequivocally condemn terrorism in the name of Allah and profess that they too are Canadians who respect Canadian Law. Nevertheless, what a conflict must exist in their hearts as they strive to be portray themselves as good Canadian citizens in contradiction to the many teachings of the Koran. 

Jihad, violent or peacefully persuasive, is a core belief of Islam. It has global aspirations. For a Muslim to want to live in peace with Canadians of other persuasions and allow them to freely express their religious beliefs even atheism in a free and open society is to deny jihad. Every devout Muslim believes in their heart that the Islamic way of life is superior in every way. To them, Sharia law is good for the country. Adherence to Islam by every Canadian is their highest ideal. The Koran clearly teaches that this must be accomplished by any means possible including war, beheading, and other forms of violence. Muslims are duty bound to confront infidels or they are hypocrites worse than unbelievers. 

I wonder if the wonderful Muslim women who lit candles in memory of our fallen Canadian soldiers know this. They might but I don't think so. Yet, they should be congratulated for what they did. I wonder how many Imans in this country are angered by their actions ? I would be very interested to know. 

Where are the thousands of "moderate" Muslims ? Why are they not out in droves condemning the murders of our noble Canadian military sons ? Why indeed ? Where are the dozens of "moderate" Imans insisting on having press conferences in which they condemn outright these horrible actions ? Where is the strong and forceful voice of the religion of peace making a definitive statement that they are committed to Canada pledging to fight not for Sharia Law but peace in our land between brothers, regardless of race, religion heritage or creed. Where ? No where that's where. The voices heard have been commendable but weak. The remaining Muslim silence is deafening. 

There are many who are trying very hard to portray Islam as a religion of peace, tolerance and love. If they were Christians they would have no trouble at all. They could quote a plethora of verses many spoken by Jesus himself as the foundation of their sentiments. Love one another as I have loved you. . Greater love has no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friend. Love your enemies pray for those who persecute you. Put away your sword. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul strength and mind and love your neighbour as yourself. On these two laws hang all the law and the prophets. Wonderful words spoken by the greatest life the world has ever seen. No spin is necessary to promote love and peace in his name AND freedom of choice in religion. Not so for the moderate Muslim. He would be hard pressed to find anything in the Koran that comes close. He may quote the often mention verse "There is no compulsion in religion". That verse has been overruled by verses that can for the slaughter of Jews and Christians alike. It has been "abrogated" (made obsolete) by subsequent revelations. So a spin and creative reworking of the Koran is necessary by those who struggle with the commanded violence. 

That is why I actually admire sincere moderates who have to strain to adopt and ignore Koranic principles to fit into modern society while at the same time believing in their hearts that Sharia law is what is best for the country. 

On the other hand, extremists are not shackled and restricted in any way. They are literally obeying the Koran to the letter and abhor moderates. Both groups have to contend with the resolve and resistance of the Western world who may not be devoutly Christian but live under the freedoms provided by the faith. This freedom is so strong it even gives leeway to those who would try to take it away. That's why we fight for it with such resilient dedication. 

I am touched by the vigil demonstrated by those women for our fallen soldiers. I am moved by the courage and the sentiment. Thank you to them. Well done. May every Muslim follow suit. Peace be upon you ladies. Yet I am sobered by the fact that their gracious act was NOT fundamentally Islamic. It was Western and dare I say it Christian. 

There is a peace that passes all understanding that guards the heart and mind in Christ Jesus. It is a peace that come from knowing him, loving him and following him. He is after all the Prince of peace. It is in his name that I pray for all Canadians. May his peace be upon us. May his peace be upon us ALL. 

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