Recently, I came across a post on social media (elitedaily.com ) promoting a song that talks about how Christian girls like anal sex. I have never been one to soft peddle anything so I will tell you what it was about.  The picture over the caption and description has two virginal looking young ladies bent upwards on a bed with two guys standing behind them in “perfect position”. Behind them is a wall with a cross on it. The premise of the song is that Christian girls have found a loophole to preserve their virginity because “they love Jesus” and still have sex with their boyfriends. Go anal. 

The website featuring this video warns its viewers “This may cross the line a bit but it’s hilarious. Don’t share this with your grandparents especially if they are religious.” 

Let’s establish a couple of things before I address this. One, there ARE hypocrites in the church. Not everybody who professes to be a Christian lives like one or IS one. Most are the real thing. Of course the mocker tend to ignore that. Two, there are hypocrites everywhere; in the nightclubs, in gyms, in the office, at school, at work and every in your own family. Why not confront them ? Christians are easy targets. We don’t blow people up for offending us. 

I don’t mind a good joke every once in a while even at the expense of believers. I think Christians need to develop a sense of humour and lighten up. For the most part, we don’t need to respond every time someone pokes fun at us. In some cases, it's understandable considering some of the practices of the less ethical and bizarre. I get a good chuckle from some of the jokes. But this is not funny. 

What bugs me is is the stereotypes this post promotes. First of all, faith is not confined to the aged. There are millions of young adults around the world who have a profound and sincere faith in Jesus Christ that has inspired them to be self-sacrificing, loving and morally upright people who are the true hope of a world that is progressively becoming irreverent, callous and corrupt. I work with them everyday and I can tell you emphatically our society will be a better place because of them. 

Being a Christian is not just a conviction for creaking decaying old people from an another generation that is growing obsolete. While here in North America Christianity may be in decline, in the rest of the world thousands are committing their lives to Christ everyday. Most are under 30 years of age. (Hopefully, this part of the world will catch on). 

Furthermore, I am intimately aware of the incredible amount of dedication it takes to refuse to engage in sex before marriage. I may seem strange and laughable to the rest of the world, nevertheless, its a beautiful thing for a man or woman to keep themselves from offering their bodies until they find life long commitment because they want to honour their spouses and God. I contend only someone who loves Jesus can do this. Only someone who loves Jesus would even WANT to do this.  

Someone who loves Jesus would not allow her boyfriend to “do her” from behind to hypocritically preserve her hymen. She wouldn’t let him “do her” at all. To suggest that Christian girls are a group of horny little hypocrites sniffing for any opportunity to do it within the rules is in a gross insult to all the first class upstanding young ladies I am privileged to pastor. 

The post is simply not an accurate picture of reality. I am sure there are some “church girls and guys” who engage is as much sexual activity as anybody else. But they are in the great minority. To post videos like the one from elitedaily.com is to suggest the exact opposite. 

It’s kind of sad really because this comes from people who don’t have the foggiest idea of what it means to be a Christian. They only THINK they know. They ridicule the caricature but not the reality and they don’t allow honest seekers of spiritual truth the opportunity to investigate true Christian faith because they reinforce the notion we are all fakes and hypocrites living a lie. 

In the meantime, our culture has reduced sex to a purely biological itch to be scratched, a recreational activity or at best something you do after a few dates. It’s a documented fact that our society is adversely effected by its promiscuity. That does not prevent it from ridiculing those who choose chastity because they consider the sex act a sacred gift from God to be enjoyed to the fullest with someone you know will be committed to you for the rest of their life. 

We have had eight marriages in our church since i become its pastor. Not one of them will end in divorce. There will be no children produced that will live with mom and visit dad on the weekend wondering if they are the reason they broke up. You know why ? Commitment. Part of that commitment is having sex. It’s God’s design. No commitment, no sex. It saves a cartload of problems. Why else would abstinence be promoted more and more amongst adolescents by some social groups. 

I will never forget the time I was working in my dad’s restaurant. I served people at a counter in those days. A lot of guys used to visit after the clubs closed downtown. They were party animals who went out at night hoping to find “chicks” for one night stands. Often they found them. Eventually these guys wanted to settle down and get married. Everyone of them hoped they would find virgins. I had to laugh. These guys spent most of their weekend looking for the exact opposite but when it come to building families and raising kids they changed their standards. I remember them telling me “I don’t think I can find anybody unless I start attending church” LOL. 

They were right. At least, they would find girls who even if they were not virgins chose to be after committing to Christ. Just as good. 

THAT is closer to reality True Christian women are the best in the world in every way. The Spirit of God in them makes the beautiful inside and out. Their integrity is unmatched; their devotion extraordinary; their love undying and unfailing and their moral integrity rock solid, not only in the area of sex but in everything. I, quoting an ancient Roman aristocrat would say without reservation “What women these Christians have.” What women indeed, i know I am married to one. 

Posts like that of elitedaily.com paint a grossly false picture and prevent people from ever finding that out.