I haven’t written a blog for a very very long time. Sorry about that . We will be much more diligent in the future. The House is just now working on our media presence on the Internet. So, this should be rectified soon. 

Nevertheless I was compelled to write following the reading of an article that appeared in the Montreal Gazette. An Islamic high school’s soccer coach refused to allow his team to play any further because there were girls on the other team. His squad was down 3-1 at half time. 

In the name of Muslim standards of  modesty (discrimination)  he could not risk having some of his players (all male) make contact with the girls on the opposing team. Of course, the other team complied and the two girls sat out the second half. I wonder why he waited until the second half. Maybe because he team was losing to “women” 

Aside from the fact that Muslims are getting downright ridiculous with their complaints these days, I am not making an issue of it. They are entitled to believe what they want. To be honest, I wish Christians were so dedicated to our standards.

We compromise them way too much. 

What I don’t understand is why every level of our society bends over backward to accommodate Islam on a public level while denying the same privilege to other religious groups, Christians in particular. 

The Charter of Rights guarantees freedom of religion. Yet, no other faith gets the kind of “freedom” or attention as much as Muslims. Most other faiths are pushed into the corner and told “Keep your religion out of the public life. Not Muslims.

I don’t get it. 

Imagine the uproar is this was a Christian school threatening to leave a game over religious beliefs. We would be mocked, ridiculed and told in no uncertain terms If you don’t play you forfeit the game. The media would be all over it again declaring us a bunch of hopeless fanatics who have once again demonstrated what a detriment we are to free and tolerant society. No one would dare to do this with Muslims. 

They have government and media support afforded to no other people of faith. I have suggested “tongue in cheek” it’s because Christians don’t blow things up when they are not appeased. Well most Muslim don’t either but because of radical terrorism, there is always that “threat”. 

On occasion such a threat becomes reality and someone is killed because of insulting Islam. I wonder if this has an effect ? 

My issue is this : I don’t understand the favour to Muslims and the disfavour to Christians. If anybody should be given special privileges it should Christians. We encourage love and freedom for everybody. We support women and hold them in high esteem. True Christians are a benefit to their society. They are self sacrificing, giving, benevolent. Although we believe all men and women should worship Jesus by turning from their sins and living all out for God, we allow them the right of refusal and respect their choice to live however they want. Any suggestion otherwise is the result of the caricatures applied to all Christians because of a few loony groups. 

All over the country Christians are doing great things for their communities. Rarely do you hear anything about it. 

Instead you hear about things like this soccer situation. 

Most institutions that makes our society what it is has Christian roots in our country: schools, hospitals, various charitable societies etc. We uphold the rights of all men and women on a legal if not moral level. That is why we can oppose the lifestyle of sin but still love the sinner. 

That is why we may share our faith and seek converts but do no harm to those who reject our message. 

I can go on and on about the benefits of giving Christians more favour; supporting the building of churches, lifting the moratorium city councils put on church zoning, upholding, even subsidizing our missionary and charitable efforts and giving us more positive coverage in the media. It would be an asset to our culture. Certainly there are flakes and charlatans in the “church” just as there are in business, education and politics. There are far more upstanding real believers. Far more. Imagine if we had the same support as Islam. I can only dream about it. 

Yeah but aren’t Christians just as intolerant and rigid ? 

Well our guys soccer teams may not shower with the girls. But we wouldn’t be opposed to having them on the pitch.