45 years together

45 years together


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Alex Lappos has been hailed as one of North America’s finest communicators of God’s truth. His straight-forward, often humorous style both inspires & challenges. He is deeply committed to the Word of God and the ongoing move of the Holy Spirit as per the Book of Acts, believing that Holiness and Character are the foundations beneath Power and Gifts. 

Alex Lappos is an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo (B.A. Psychology) and the Summit Bible College of Surrey, BC. Called to the ministry in 1983, and ordained in 1990, Pastor Alex has preached all over Canada, the United States.  

He received Jesus as his Lord & Savior on November 4th 1974. His educational, work & personal experiences have given him a unique & comprehensive insight which helps him to communicate the word of God effectively to any audience.

Pastor Alex is complimented in life and ministry by his wife, Wendy. She has been an indispensable and trusted partner since 1975. Her giftings as a prayer warrior and mentor to many women are evident and appreciated by everyone who she has ministered to. 

They are the parents of son, Shamar.

To send Pastor Alex an email: pastorlappos@gmail.com 


Wendy-Marie Lappos is a uniquely gifted woman who has chosen to follow Jesus Christ since the age of thirteen.

She is a graduate of the University of Ottawa (Social Communications) & has a diploma in Education from McGill University of Montreal, Quebec. For seven years, she worked as a manager and buyer in retail sales.

Wendy has served the Lord in a variety of ministry settings, working in day camps, Christian schools, community centers & a group home. Her sensitivity to women & her love of children have grown out of the passion to do whatever Jesus asks her to do.

Her consistency and wisdom have been a gift to the body of Christ and an asset to her husband, Pastor Alex. . wendylappos@gmail.com